Associate Partner Vacancy

Date Published Mon, 10 Feb 2014 11:32:38 +0000

Contract Type Full Time


Location National Territory

Required Experience 1-3years

Expiry Date 30 june 2014

Standard Financials Ltd Cameroon Standard Financials Ltd is a new financial service company, offering investment and financial brokerage and management services in Cameroon. It also operates other associated activities including the SF Credit recovery Agency, the SF Start-Up Institute, the Cameroon Investment Pitching Event and the SF executive financial education services. If you have relevant skills, you can join the company as an Associate. In this case, you work full or part time for the company and get paid in a combination of shares and cash. There may not be enough cash flow within the initial years so you will be expected to have enough savings to live on. Requirements to be an Associate To be qualified as an Associate, you must be able to demonstrate that you have skills that are directly relevant to some aspects of the company and posses at least some experience in the field. You must therefore fulfil at least ONE of the following requirements: -Hold a Masters degree or an MBA from a good university (preferably from a Business School) in a field like Finance, Investment Banking, Economics, Management, Mathematics etc OR -Has relevant experience in a domain that is directly relevant to the activities of Standard Financials Ltd. Experience at corporate level such as in top tier banking, administration, consultancy, research and education, Investment management etc will be of great importance OR -Has the capacity and network to bring significant business opportunities to Standard Financials. For example, you may hold a portfolio of high net worth clients that you can bring to the company. Remember that Standard Financials runs a Wealth and Asset Management division. If you dont fullfil any of the above three conditions but feel you can be an excellent Associate; we will still be happy to receive you. If interested, visit our website: Email:

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